Mac Miller WMWTSO Top 5

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Mac Miller’s new album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off,  went on sale at midnight last night along with several other big June 18th releases in hip-hop. With numerous well-crafted cuts and features from Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Electronica and Action Bronson and more to boot, Larry Fisherman broke down his personal favorites tracks off of the LP for

Purchase Watching Movies With The Sound Off via iTunes and see if Mac’s personal favorite joints match up with your own.




1) “Objects In The Mirror”

“Objects” is a beautiful song. The song was channeling addictions and personifying them as a female.

2) “Avian”

“Avian”, to me, is the heart and soul of the album. It’s the biggest representation of the album to me. It’s surrealism, very spiritual. I love that hook and I made the beat so that makes me bias.

3) “REMember”

“Remember” has so much emotion in that song.

4) “Aquarium”

I think those are the two greatest verses I’ve ever spit in my life. It’s my analysis of the world.

5) “The Star Room”

[It’s] the most honest joint I’ve ever made. It was just the perfect way to set off the album. The two voices, the one inside my head and me, it’s Linda like the voice inside your head represents the bizarreness. Then, it’s like, I’m shaking it off, spitting, and then falling victim to it at the end.



“Youphoria” is just a ballad. It’s actually all about a vagina. The whole thing is about a pussy, a very deep spiritual vagina.