diddy_revolt_dcDiddy gets Time Warner Cable to include his television channel: Revolt.

On-going for months, the deal between Diddy’s channel ‘Revolt TV‘ and Time Warner Cable (TWC) has finally came to a close with Diddy on top. TWC will be offering Diddy’s channel to it’s 12 million subscribers and paying an undisclosed amount according to sources close to Revolt.

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Diddy didn’t stop at TWC. Revolt managed to lock-in a deal with Comcast for over 10 million homes in order to promote more minority-focused channels.

With support from TWC and Comcast, Diddy set standards and a hopeful opening for investors to throw some money in support for Revolt. Although, Diddy was caught saying he, “hates watching commercials.” Hmm, not exactly what investors and advertisers want to hear.


Diddy told the New York Post, “It is rare in this time to be able to get carriage and to get a company as prestigious as Time Warner to believe in you and to commit to you.”

During the Cannes Lions advertising festival, Diddy enthusiastically promoted Revolt claiming it would compete with MTV’s coverage of music.

Revolt would not be for all audiences, hence Diddy’s time and patience with making Revolt work. Diddy stated, “It would be almost not right to get in a partnership with somebody when we know we can’t deliver the audience; the message isn’t going to resonate with our audience.”

A Revolt spokesman has revealed the channel’s date for launch has been pushed back from July to October.

John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)