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 The untimely passing of Lil Snupe has sent shockwaves throughout the Hip Hop community. Though the details of his death remain hazy, The Source reflects and celebrates the life of Lil Snupe.

One of the worst things in the world is when a bright light gets shut out before it really gets to shine. The last thing I should have seen when I logged onto Twitter today was RIP Lil Snupe. When I first saw the budding rapper pop up on Meek Mill’s instagram, I was instantaneously intrigued by how young he was. The alliance took place after Meek performed in Louisiana; Lil Snupe approached his van and did what many fail to do: he knocked on a door and that door opened. Without realizing it, Lil Snupe had changed his life after handing the MMG rapper his demo. It only took 20 minutes before Meek placed a call to Lil Snupe and inevitably signed him to his Dream Chasers label.  Lil Snupe explained that “He was in a van, they was finna pull off. And I went and knocked on the van, on the window. They let the window down, grabbed the mix tape and it was like 10 minutes later, 20 minutes later they called me,”


A cosign is a big deal, especially in a cut throat rap game, so the MMG prodigy’s approval instantly put Lil Snupe on the map. Lil Snupe grew up in Louisiana and part of his rap appeal was his Southern grittiness combined with an East coast flow. Although he was young, the amount of potential laced within Lil Snupe’s lyrics and flow were evident. Perhaps the only thing that surpassed Lil Snupe’s ability to drop hot songs was his ability to freestyle. In an interview with Sway in the Morning, Lil Snupe was given several topics to freestyle about, all of which he maneuvered over with ease.

 The untimely death of Lil Snupe is nothing short of tragic. When news broke today, it set the twitter world up in flames. #RIPLILSNUPE has been trending throughout the country and websites and blogs alike are reporting on his murder. With details still hazy and no facts officially reported, The Source sends out condolences to the family and friends of Lil Snupe.

~ Sal DiBenedetto ( @SaysSal )

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Salvatore DiBenedetto (Better known as Sal) is a writer at The Source Magazine. With a strong background in History, International Studies, and Anthropology, you can expect some culturally fueled, sometimes controversial articles. Check him out on twitter (@SaysSal)

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