Written By Bre (@Iam_Bree_)

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As a prominent force in the culture of hip-hop, MC Lyte has long been considered a female pioneer of the game. Hailing straight out of Brooklyn, Lyte attained her fame in the late 1980s.

In September of 1988, MC Lyte released her first album Lyte as a Rock, which it was noted for the hit “Paper Thin.”


MC Lyte has been much more than just an emcee within the game, she is an innovator. Through her lyrics she has always inspired, empowered, and motivated women to stand strong and not take any crap from anyone.

In the “Paper Thin” video, Lyte experiences an intuition and decides to ride the train where she spots her no good boyfriend hugged up with two girls. After they notice each other she approaches him and starts to rap the lyrics:

When you say you love me, it doesn’t matter.
It goes to my head as just chit chatter
You may take this egotistical or just or worry free
But what you say I take none of it seriously
And even if I did I wouldn’t tell you so
I’d let you pretend to read me…

The video represents the 80’s culture as a whole, with the girls sporting the big hair and bamboo earrings. While the guys rocked the gold chains and high top fades with their blaster boom boxes.

Paper Thin is definitely a timeless hit because its strong message states that we as women aren’t always naïve to the mischievous charming ways of most guys. This song is just to let the dudes know that what they say isn’t taken seriously it’s just paper thin!