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“There’s Power in Public Housing”


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By Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher @HHSYC



JohnRheaIn an effort to keep you informed about what is going down in the largest public housing development in the country we will launch the “NYCHA REPORT.”  What is so special about NYCHA?  The agency was founded in 1934 and if NYCHA was a city it would be ranked #21 in size with 621,212 residents, a population larger than Miami, Denver, Cincinnati, Seattle, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. just to name a few.  If you were to count family members and friends the unofficial count would soar to over 800,000 placing NYCHA at about 15th on city population count list larger than Boston and Baltimore.  NYCHA has 178,914 apartments in 334 developments, with 12,258 employees serving 176,221 families.  In addition, NYCHA residents and Section 8 voucher holders represent 12.4% of the City’s apartment rentals and comprise of 7.6% of New York City’s population.  Yes my friend NYCHA is no joke and now you know just how big and powerful the agency is.  There is “Strength in Numbers & Power in Public Housing”

                                                               ABOUT THE NYCHA REPORT

The NYCHA REPORT, which is an independent publication, will be primarily dedicated to the families and employees within the NYCHA system, as well those living in the surrounding community.  Citizens living in Public Housing have a sense of pride about the Development they live in and represent.  Jay-Z comes out of Marcy, Nas out of Queensbridge and the list goes on.  Though Public Housing is comprised of low-income residents there are a lot of working and money-making individuals that live in the developments.

ProjectsBy dedicating a section that reports on what goes on in this mini-city we will keep residents informed about recent and important developments such as: NYCHA Student, Citizen and/or Employee recognition for outstanding services and/or achievements; budget cuts; employee promotions; student graduations; job and internship opportunities; academic news; civic duty responsibilities; special awards; scholarship, grant and reward opportunities; crime updates; youth sports, entertainment and recreational activities; senior citizen information; visits to centers by elected officials and special guests; new services and construction projects; discount services and programs being offered to residents; updates from artists living in public housing; NYCHA and the surrounding communities; and much more.  Through the NYCHA REPORT we can give “Power to the People because the People don’t know they have the Power.”


We will be working very closely with Reginald Bowman, President of the Citywide Council of Presidents of NYCHA Residents, and Chairman John Rhea to help empower NYCHA residents and improve conditions in each Development.  “There’s Power in Public Housing” but unfortunately 1 in 5 shootings and murders take place in the Developments.  Also, 1 out of every 4 guns are seized in public housing so the issue of public safety is one of importance and something we all need to help to improve.  Recently the “Time 2 Shine” talent showcase initiative was launched in NYCHA to offer hot young talent an opportunity to come off the street corners and be discovered, while also working to curb gun and gang violence.  The Hip-Hop Community in collaboration with NYCHA is spearheading the project.

BowmanHip-Hop can be a Powerful Tool for Social Change and through the Power in Public Housing we have a unique opportunity to help residents build a better life and move into the “Middle Class.”  Through the NYCHA Report we will be able to improve communications amongst the residents, NYPD (other city agencies), the private sector, and the general public while offering opportunities to help tenants succeed and achieve their dreams in life.

The NYCHA REPORT will be published every Thursday starting June 27, 2013.  For further information on how you can contribute to the report and the “Power in Public Housing” Campaign contact us at: Facebook.com/HHSYC.

  • Top Photo—NYCHA Chairman John Rhea
  • Bottom Photo—Reginald Bowman, Chairman, NYCHA Citywide Council of Presidents