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Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Knowledge all being Born to Understanding

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Knowledge all being Born to Understanding. In its simplest terms, it means to show what you know so that those around you can see the importance of what your doing. The pivotal aspect is to reverse the polarity of these principles because it is imperative to put Knowledge before Wisdom. You must think first before you speak or act or else a misunderstanding will be the by-product of putting the 2 before the 1.


As we enter the first day of summer, it must be realized that the children must have constructive activities for them to participate in so that they don’t become a statistic in these streets. In the Hip Hop community, we mourned the loss of Lil Snupe from Meek Mill’s camp and now, another Philadelphian MC, Jimmie Wallstreet, has faced his demise at the hands of a gunman. The senseless violence within our community has to be addressed in order to be taken seriously when addressing the brutality against us by those from outside the community. The George Zimmerman case is the perfect example as to why our lack of proactive resistance is the primary reason why we rarely, if ever, see justice. The entire white female cast of characters, with the exception of one “minority” juror, will not feel any sense of compassion for the unarmed, young Black man because the subconscious lie is embedded in their minds that all Black males are criminals. These are the same women who will pull their pocketbooks closer to them when a Black male is what they consider “too close”. The problem compacts itself when those who are sworn to uphold the law, violate it, then are not held accountable for their criminal actions because they are considered “the law”. Case in point, Baltimore police officer James Laboard was acquitted for choking an unarmed 17 year old Johnathan Brown to death after chasing down Brown and his friends for allegedly throwing a rock at his house. Did Brown deserve to die for this or is it an unwritten law that cheapens our lives do that these occurrences should be expected and accepted? 

Wisdom Knowledge is the science of Being the “One” who has the courage to bring about the necessary change that no one else was willing to execute. The One has usually been through the fire that is endured by those who come after he/her and their primary objective is to make sure that the option to avoid the struggle to them. Everyone has that potential within them, but only a few will actually bring it out. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)