Believe in yourself

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Have you ever sat and wondered what was your calling?

I’m sure you’ve taken a look around and observed other talented people and their extraordinary output into the world.
But did you ever wonder what was left in the pot for you?


Doubt may weigh in heavy on your mind, and you began to think “Do I really have what it takes to move forward and do what I really want to do?” Your mind is pregnant with so many ideas, and you want to give the world a piece of you but question “How do I deliver?…How do I get the world to hear me??!”

Well, as the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day…”. Currently, things may not be moving efficiently as you like…but trust me they are. Just remain dedicated by putting lots of effort into transforming your dreams into your reality. It’s called the BUILDING process.

Of course, there will be those down days where you may experience that dreadful thought of being “Good Enough”. But shoot that pessimistic voice down and continue to believe in yourself.

Always, Always, ALWAYS BELIEVE in you, even if no one else does. Believing in yourself will take you on to heights further than ever expected. In life you only get back what you put out, it won’t always be easy. Don’t give up because the results aren’t visible yet.

If you know that you are working hard and doing all that needs to be done to reach your level of success, then time will reward you. Time only rewards those who works along the side of it…

There is only ONE YOU, I want for you to know that there will always be more left in the pot for you, just go and get it. Don’t worry about being compared to or better than others, that’s not what it’s about. Just believe in yourself, take constructive criticism in areas where needed, learn and respect the craft of others then you’ll eventually blossom beautifully into what you were meant to be.

If you want it, you must have will power to stay focused and dedicated. Just BELIEVE, stay strong and GRIND HARD!

Bre @iam_bree_