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Today's Math

Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Culture all being Born to Equality

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Culture all being Born to Equality. Wisdom is the intelligent way that one shows their Culture, which is one’s way of life, in a Equal manner to all of the world’s human families. Everyone’s Culture has made an Equal contribution to the way that society views the world and it is the words and deeds of those who adhere to a particular Culture that influence these views. No one’s language, dress code, names, and family structure has had as much impact on other Cultures around the world as much as the Original Man and Woman.


Today’s reality is to apply the positive aspects of the way we live in order to add on to the community and society in a constructive manner. Last night as a crowd of patient but hungry sneaker heads waited outside of a ATL clothing store for the new Lebrons, a would be robber was shot to death while attempting to stick up the unsuspecting customers of The Wish clothing store. The person who shot the robber was licensed to carry and he casually got back in line for his kicks after popping the not so smart thug. Some people may oppose guns in the hood, but that entire line was glad that someone there was strapped. Last night, Oprah’s OWN network premiered “Dark Girls”, a riveting documentary about the horrible treatment faced on a daily basis by Black women around the world. As a community, the beauty and uniqueness of our Culture, especially of Black & Brown women, should be saluted and admired instead of being ridiculed. When we are taught to hate the way we look, it’s easy to fight and even kill someone who looks just like you. The opening statements in the George Zimmerman case will be heard today by a jury that does not include one single African American, the so called “race” of 17 hear old Trayvon Martin, who was killed by Zimmerman on that fateful night in Florida. The Black community’s lack of response to that blatant bias may just cost the Martin family Justice for young Trayvon. As we continue to celebrate Black Music Month, let’s celebrate the life of Bobby “Blue” Bland, the blues great who passed away yesterday at age 84. My pops kept Blue in the deck of the Regal when I was a young yute. If you’re familiar with Jay Z’s epic “Heart Of The City” track from his Blueprint album, then you’ll find interest in the life of the person who made the song where it was sampled from called “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”. R.I.P. Bobby Blue. 

Wisdom Culture simply means to take that which is previously unknown to those around you and making it known to everybody within no limit of time. The saying in the streets of “get it how you live” stands firm and true in today’s reality, however, to get it and live righteously is the objective of today’s mathematics. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)