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The King has left us but we will never forget.

From the Jackson 5 to Thriller and timeless classics, Michael Joseph Jackson emerged into the limelight as a skinny 11 year-old kid from Gary, Indiana with an alluring voice and a smile that captivated a nation. As a member of one of the most notorious pop acts in the 20th century, Jackson thrived. After being introduced by Diana Ross in 1968 at a Beverly Hills performance hall, Michael and the Jackson 5 knew the sky was the limit. Following their introduction, the Jackson 5 made their very first television appearance at the Miss Black America Pageant. Four number No. 1 singles later, Jackson launched his solo career, which many welcomed and admired. The original “MJ” officially left the group succeeding the Victory Tour in 1984. The King of Pop has sold over 750 Million records worldwide over his illustrious career, has had 13 number one hits, 47 of his songs have landed on the Billboard Hot 100, and the Guinness Book of World Records illustrates him as the most successful entertainers of all time. Jackson went on to sell out tours, including one of the most successful tours in history. From 1987-1989, his Bad World Tour grossed over $125 Million. His seven sold out shows in London’s Wembley Stadium brought out over 500,000 people.


Even through the turmoil he would later see in his life and through the many trials and tribulations in the public eye, Michael Jackson remained a star. A fixture in not only American music and society but a global figure that deeply moved us. In 2007, he was quoted in Ebony saying “Music has been my outlet, my gift to all of the lovers in this world. Through it, my music, I know I will live forever.” Indeed we will never forget his impact and the infinite memories he gave us through his music and his colorful life. In memory of Michael Jackson, here are 10 of his biggest moments in his career.

Virgilio Mendez