TheHeat_VerB_RatedPosterThe hilarious comedy “The Heat” comes out this Friday. If you think that two total opposites who hate each other can’t fight crime as partners, Paul Feig is here to prove you wrong.  The director of “Bridesmaids”  brings us an “odd couple” story this time.

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Sandra Bullock, who plays very conservative FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn, and Melissa McCarthy, who plays Shannon Mullins, a not so conservative Boston Cop are forced to work together to bring down a drug lord. The first interaction between the two starts with: ” I just spent the last 30 minutes thinking of ways to kill you.”  One might say it’s a pretty rock start. Despite that fact that Fed Ashburn is promotion hungry and Boston Cop Mullins is dedicated to protecting her family and the neighborhood she grew up in  bond, the ladies have more in common than they think. Both socially awkward and with different approaches, these girls figure out a way to complement each other. This film is filled with fun scenes and it is delightful to see how two main characters grow and change together.

Check out our video from the New York premiere, which was co-hosted by C Wonder:


Marlon Wayans loved working with Sandra and Melissa. He told reporters on the red carpet, “They’re comedic vets and they’re both really good actresses and they’re both really funny and like I said it’s crass and class and they knew what line to draw. I’m happy for women because women got to see guys have these big action movie where we pull our guns out and we do our thing, but it’s good to see some girls come out and kick some ass and use f-bombs and dirty language and talk about us and emasculate us and literally talk about our little gerbil balls and I’m happy for women that they get to see that.”

Marlon plays Sandra’s flirty love interest in the film, when we asked her about working with him, she joked, “One thing about Marlon, whatever room Marlon walks into if a woman is 12 or 85 he is an equal opportunity flirter. He will flirt with every single female in the room and as he walks by, everyone is just like “Oh my God…He is absolutely beautiful, a beautiful specimen of a man” and if he only flirted with me that would’ve been nice, but no he flirts with everyone…God bless him!”

Melissa McCarthy spoke about her friendship with Sandra. “We hit it off right away. The first time we talked we had similar humors, it is a bit of a bonding thing that we have children that are around the same age, we think alike and have weird similar hobbies and luckily we bonded. We got along so well that I felt ok to say horrible things to her,” she explained during the press conference.

Director Paul Feig said is favorite scene “was when they were getting drunk. The scene where they scotch tape their faces. They went on 15 minute insanity, it was the funniest thing I saw in my life.”

 Additional reporting by Tijana Ibrahimovic

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