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We are proclaiming change as a good thing.. 

Taylor Bailey is a 23 year-old entrepreneur born and raised out in Houston, Texas. Bailey owns an online boutique called “Rebel Rise” specializing in urban accessories for women.


Every piece of her merchandise is selected with the intent to help express indiviuality. Her brand’s purpose is going against the grain of fashion, against society norm, constitutes individuals as rebels; rebels who strive to be different, proclaiming change as a good thing.


Taylor Bailey  was inspired to launch her jewelry site to encourage women to step outside of the box and rebel against the ordinary.

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” I want ladies to express themselves! Everyone is not “soft and dainty”, and IT’S OK! You can be edgy, bold, strong, and still chic! Be different, be you!” says the young entreprenuer. “In ten years, I see my site on a global scale! Shipping to countries all over the world. I would like to have many store fronts in the United States!”

Bailey’s favorite types of music are soul, reggae, hip-hop, r&b, indie saying in response “Well I guess EVERYTHING! Lol I live and breathe music! Music def coincides with fashion! It’s always changing and it’s another way of expressing yourself as an individual!”

Busy with expanding her brand, Taylor still knows when to take time off for herself.

“My off time, I love to hang out with friends and keep up with Houston’s Fashion Scene. It’s often overlooked when in comparison to New York or LA, but Houston Fashion is growing RAPIDLY! I’m just happy and blessed to be apart of it.”

Taylor Bailey is a women who believes in empowerment and is self motivated to create “Rebel Rise” into a business like no other, representing Houston’s fashion so that it won’t be over looked at anymore.

To get to know Taylor Bailey and for more information about her brand “Rebel Rise,” you may follow her via social media and check out her exclusive website for one of Houston, Texas dopest accessories line.

Instagram: riseiprebel

Twitter: rebRise

Facebook: rebel rise 

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