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It is halftime. We are halfway through the year and it has been a remarkable and exhilarating first half. Hip-Hop music has owned the first two quarters with the ladder part of six months to go. With all of the music we’ve been supplied with, it is no easy task rating the top 25. From club hits to trap anthems and album singles to radio glory, there is an encyclopedia of tracks that have made this year memorable. There are many components that go in to a great song. Ranging from lyrical cadence to its reception amongst avid listeners, its ability to capture the time and space we are living in, and the all important “can I play this song on repeat?” test. What is great about music is that it bestows memories, playing like a soundtrack to all of our lives. All of the songs that landed on this list (via a very tempestuous Source deliberation) gave us our very own memorable moments so far this year. They might have done the same for you too. Dive in.


*In our debates, we discarded unofficial remixes, songs featured on any late 2012 projects, and any material officially released after June 24th.

Virgilio Mendez (@REGULARGUYV)
Roger Krastz (@WaLLDoE)