24. Unorthodox
Joey Bada$$
B4.Da.$$ (Unreleased)
(Cinematic Music Group)

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There is a lot we can say about the young Jedi that is Mr. Bada$$. While he continued to make his mark in the game with his breakthrough mixtape 1999 last summer, proceeding its release was a steady climb. In early January, he released Unorthodox serving as a single for his much anticipated fist solo album B4.Da.$$. Laced with a DJ Premier beat, this song is as refreshing as that brand new sneaker aroma. The icing on the cake was Joey’s delivery, his rhymes were pure and rhythmic. His astonishing depth let us know that Joey Bada$$ was for real in 2013.







I’m gonna spark it off unorthodox
Won’t sign to no major if no wager
Less than a 3 million offer off the top
I’ll be in a box with my coughin’ drops
Why settle for a office spot?
Ni***s don’t always make it off the block
Unless they extort rocks or support the cops
They still snitchin’ – let me guess: that’s your mannequin?
Leave ‘em shook while you’re standing and quit the shenanigans
Have you panicking, induce damages ‘til you’re vanishing
Words are told properly, resort top sea examinin’
This is for my real hip hop fans and ‘em
I dispose for ’em, leave fake MC’s in the post mortem