The Philly upstart demands credit where it’s due.. or he’ll have to rock a straight jacket. 

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Whether you’ve taken the time to press play on a Ryshon Jones song or not,  the rapper’s tireless work  isn’t a secret to most who frequent hip-hop blogs.

With “Underdog Theme Music” Ryshon adds yet another visual to his ever-growing catalog of compelling material. Co-directed by Ryshon and Mike Lopez, the video captures the rapper’s take on Idris Elba’s character in the 2010 film, Legacy, and sees him battling thoughts within pertaining to the misgivings of today’s rap game.

Although the Illadelphia rhymer rarely lacks emotion in his music, listeners will find an especially refined conviction to the lines in “Underdog Theme Music” produced by frequent-collaborator Rollin Mills. In summary, the dedicated MC voices his frustrations with the shallow and synthetic roadblocks that hinder his shine — and he sounds pretty pissed about that.

The track will live on Ryshon’s next project but you can be sure to expect new visuals off of his latest effort, In Theory, in the near future.