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June has almost come to a close and now that 2013 has gone into the second half, we take a look at the notable albums that have left their mark in the game.

The momentum in the hip-hop industry has rapidly increased over the course of 2013. With colossal releases from some of the biggest artists in the game, there is no question that hip-hop is reigning supreme as the most successful genre today. With the copious amount of music that has been put out for the masses, we all tend to be critical as to what makes our collection and what simply can be directed to the recycle bin. The excitement surrounding the game right now is soaring and after the historic week that was June 18th, presents to you a list of albums that rightfully deserve a spot in your library.


Traditionally, when debating a list with a room full of passionate music aficionados, things can get heated and arguments pursue. We urge this energy to transcend beyond this list and spark conversation among avid fans of the music.

*In our debates, we only included albums that were available for purchase and released prior to June 24th.

Ben Lester (bjams11)