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2. Yeezus
Kanye West
Label: Def Jam
Notable Tracks: “Black Skinhead,” “Blood on the Leaves,” “Bound 2,” “Hold My Liquor”


No single. No video. No artwork. No preorder. 327,000 units sold and the number one spot on the Billboard charts, Kanye’s risky behavior has paid off. Yeezus is bold and daring and despite the fact that the album has yet to resonate with many of Yeezy’s fans and the public in general, Yeezus has received rave reviews. Kanye continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop and seeks to take it to a new place, whether we were prepared for it or not. When 808s & Heartbreak first became available to the masses, the album’s reception was generally unwelcomed and his music was misunderstood. Now looking back at his auto-tune heavy effort, many consider 808s to be a solid body of work that guided ‘Ye towards what would be hailed as his best album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Now we are in a very similar situation with Yeezus, where the G.O.O.D Music general once again drops himself into uncharted territory and finds himself in the midst of admiration and distaste. While many claim Yeezus is a letdown, there is a strong belief that Kanye West’s 6th solo album will eventually be cherished as another milestone in his career.