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4. Wolf
Tyler, The Creator
Label: Odd Future, RED, Sony
Notable Tracks: “IFHY,” “Rusty,” “Slater”


We have to give Tyler, The Creator credit for delivering a notable second studio album. Wolf, while some may argue was entirely slept on, created a buzz and was well received by most. Tyler continues to portray himself as a wild provocateur yet shows distinct development in his delivery. The Odd Future ringleader has remained a polarizing figure in the rap game as he continues to take his brand to new heights becoming a worldwide sensation. Tyler remains himself but clearly moves on from being controversial for the sake of controversy and instead silences the critics and skeptics by pointing the finger at them for taking everything he says seriously. “Look at that article that says my subject matter is wrong/Saying I hate gays even though Frank is on 10 of my songs.” Wolf is a clear indicator that Tyler, The Creator is here for more than just shock value. Read deeper friends and you’ll see the gold behind this man’s music.