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Polls indicate that public opinion is shifting in favor of legalization of marijuana. 

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The green debate is no new controversy to this generation. The question of whether or not to legalize bud has put individual states advocating for legalization and the federal government at odds. Despite the federal ban on marijuana, over 18 states plus Washington D.C. have approved the use of the drug for medical purposes. Last year, Colorado and Washington state took things a step further and made recreational use of pot permissible. In fact, stats indicated that in Colorado more people voted to legalize pot than voted for the president, and that over 50% of the public is in favor. But for some reason the issue seems to get swept under the rug.

This video published by the Associated Press illustrates the complexities resulting from the federal ban and its effects on the lives of medical marijuana consumers and dispensary owners.


Check it out below and tell us what you think.

Should the U.S. government give cigaweed the green light?