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abortion protesters

It will be more difficult for women to get abortions in five states starting this week. 

Pro-choice protesters have been rallying against an anti-abortion bill in Texas, but the Lone Star state isn’t the only one trying to make it more difficult for women to exercise their right to choose.


In Ohio, per a budget approved by Republican Governor John Kasich, women requesting abortions will have to receive ultrasounds before having abortions. In addition, former agreements between abortion clinics and public hospitals to administer care to women after their procedures will be dissolved. These stipulations will be implemented within the next 90 days.

Meanwhile, just yesterday, laws that were passed earlier this year went into effect in Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi and South Dakota.

In Mississippi, Indiana and Alabama, women requesting an abortion pill will have to be examined by doctors before they’re granted access to the pill. Before, the pill could be obtained via telemedicine and video conference for those who live far away from a clinic. In Alabama, the new law will require doctors administering abortions to minors to ask and the name and age of the fathers of their fetuses. They do have the right to refuse to disclose the information. In South Dakota, women will have to wait 72 hours – which must fall on business days – after consulting with a doctor before they undergo the procedure. In Kansas, doctors will now be prohibited from performing abortions if they know it’s being sought because of the fetus’ sex.

Find out more about the restrictions here.