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In a tweet, Killer Mike says no to downloading the album via its app.

For those who have the Samsung S4 device, you might have caught wind of the requests by the Magna Carta Holy Grail app. In this request, the app suggests the user give up access to their phone calls, storage, system tools, and locations amongst other features. In this digital age, these requests are a kin to software updates where we just click “Accept” after supposedly reading a waiver. We never bother with those, well at least most of us.


Killer Mike took exception to the app’s request. Just yesterday, he tweeted a photo of the request and simply stated “Naw I’m Cool.”


It is considerable to question why an album download would need access to your phone calls. Killer Mike is known for being an advocate for human rights and is expressive through his raps, strictly thorough on how he feels about society and the social consciousness. What are your thoughts?

Virgilio Mendez