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1. Acid Rap
Chance The Rapper

chance lead

The only thing more impressive than Chance The Rapper topping this list, considering the caliber of mixtapes that sit behind him, is the music Acid Rap consists of. With no gimmick to claim, no major co-sign (yet), and one of rap’s more unorthodox flows, Chance The Rapper rapped, sang and yelped his way into the hearts of rap-purists and hip-hop enthusiasts. Mixing his drug glorifying, wild lifestyle inspired raps with amazingly sincere and relatable commentary about his generation’s place in America’s sick, obsessive society, Chance The Rapper sat head and shoulders above the competition this year, drawing tweets from J. Cole proclaiming his place among rap’s saviors. While for some it may be too early to place that label on an artist whose music hasn’t been given the chance to be tested by time, it sure seems as if that’s the road we’re heading down with the Chicago upstart.


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