8. Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II


As an artist, the best time to introduce another artist to popular culture is when you’re on top. Jay-Z maximized his credibility with a couple classic albums before introducing Kanye West to the world on The Blueprint, and more recently, after catapulting The Weeknd to international stardom and a million dollar record deal, not to mention having sold over two million copies of his last album, Drake has had no problem easing PARTYNEXTDOOR into the mainstream mix. Challenging Kanye’s Yeezus wasn’t easy, but despite finishing 30,000 records short of dethroning Mr. West, Cole has won both the public and critics over, and introducing Bas is his next priority. The Queens rapper has taken the reigns since, as “Lit” has been recognized as one of the summer’s most slept on songs, and there is no shortage of critical acclaim for QWRM Vol. 2.


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