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Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom. Only a person with a “Wise-Dome” possesses Wisdom, which is the activation and manifestation of one’s Knowledge. Wisdom is considered kinetic energy because it is potential energy(Knowledge) in motion. Its ability to be seen and heard can be likened to the light of a sun ray, which consistently provides heat and energy wherever it exists. Wisdom is symbolic to the Original Woman because she reflects the light(life) of the Original Man.

Wisdom is the way. The method that people use to reach certain goals sometimes is the exact cause of what is preventing them from accomplishing it. In Atlanta, a Stone Mountain Middle school is under fire for classroom aides reportedly using a broomstick handle to reprimand Wesley Malone, a legally mute and autistic teen that attends the school. If fear is used to “control” children with disabilities at school, then how are they possibly teaching children like Wesley anything? 250 inmates have escaped from a prison in the Congo in central Africa. With that being the second time that a prison break staged by an armed militia took place at that particular facility in Beni, I’m sure more than a few of our incarcerated citizens would love to take a trip to the Motherland. Lastly, the case of Trayvon Martin is seemingly going down the same road as all other cases of white men killing Black males. From 1877 to 1966, not one single white person was convicted of killing a Black person. And yes, George is white.


Wisdom simply means to show what you know in the most intelligent way possible. It is the bridge between what you Know, what you Understand, and how you are able to convey that Understanding to others. The wisest way is to speak and conduct yourself in a way that those around you will be able to understand, especially the children. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)