TLC - "Red Light Special"This FlashBack Friday, Her Source honors TLC.

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Considered by Billboard as one of the greatest musical trios between 1992-2003, idealistic girl group TLC (T-Boz, LeftEye, Chilli) ranked as the seventh most successful act of the 90’s.

TLC was prominently noted for their playful yet seductive anthems characterized through their brightly colored videos and spontaneous costuming.


In November of 1994, the trio released their 2nd studio album ‘CrazySexyCool.’ “Creep,” “Diggin on You,” “Waterfalls,” and “Red Light Special” were all successful hits from the album.

Selling over 23 million albums worldwide, ‘CrazySexyCool’ became one of the first albums to receive a diamond certification while also earning them two Grammy awards.

In the “Red Light Special” video, the girls engage in a game that appears to be strip poker, featuring the studly Boris Kojo as one of the male expositions of the night. The ladies sang…

If you want me 
let me know it
I’ll make time but
You’ve got  to show it 
If you need me 
I want to see
But don’t mistake me 
I don’t want you down on your knees
I need someone a real man
I need someone who understands 
I’m a woman a real woman 
I know just what I want 
I know just who I am….

Even if you were an inexperienced young girl of the 90’s, TLC had a way to make you feel as though their lyrics were relatable to some aspect of your life, even if it was just the way that they harmonized through the melody.

Fun fact: TLC was the first female R&B group to cover The Source magazine in June 1992. There was a lot of backlash from readers who didn’t understand why they were honored as faces on the Bible of hip hop. Having left such a profound mark on the industry, as well as on young ladies who were raised on their music, I’m sure those throwback haters felt like fools once they blew up. The TLC legacy lives on.

Take a look back down memory lane with the “Red Light Special” video below…