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JLO BUNIt feels as though summer has emerged hastily out of no where, and we all know that the average “wash-n-set” has no potential to survive in this excruciating heat.
Were you wondering how to still have a cute hairstyle when the high temperatures become unbearable? Well, Fear no more because Her Source is going to give you the scoop on keeping cool with a manageable hairstyle!
Buns Buns and more BUNS is the answer!
There is the all time favorite “high” bun, rocked previously Latina Queen J.Lo for the Grammy Awards back in February
….Then You have the “mid-way” messy but CUTE bun as seen on Zoe Saldana
and last but surly not least you have the “low” sleek and chic bun worn effortlessly by the exquisitely talented Alicia Keys
There are many ways to get creative with your Buns ladies, it just depends on how you’re feeling that day. It’s definitely nothing to it but to brush up, back, or down tie it and do it!
-Bre @Iam_Bree_)
82nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Alicia Keys Low Bun