sylr 7/8/13Let’s stop for a moment from watching the news and hearing about plane accidents, civil unrest, and freedom fighters on the run. Turn the TV off and let’s get back to the music-the new music, to be exact. Because as Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

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West: The Greater Good (Marion Write & DJ Finyl)- Goodness Gracious

The City of Sin gives birth to a rough around the edges emcee and versatile producer. The duo enlist a few other NV natives to remind you that there are other states that rep the West Coast and do it well.


Midwest: FatBoi Fre$hEscape From Fatcamp

Doc Da Mindbenda sets FatBoi up and FatBoi knocks the beats down. It’s a simple formula and it works. We now get the full length LP after they released the EP of the same name from last year.

South: Kevin BlackThe Wickedest

The Hippie K.L.A.N. has been making a strong showing as of late. Produced by Mikeyy Lee, The Wickedest showcases the quick rhymespitter at his rawest. A lot of rappers imitate the quick flows but rarely convey more than if they just used less words. Mr. Black is not one of those “a lot of rappers.”

East: Ken RebelR.E.B.E.L.

Luxury rap is at an all time high in volume, quality, and fakers. The New York emcee sets himself aside from the pack of everyone doing it wrong, with his slurred diction and detailed raps.

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