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GQ Magazine released a lineup of what in their opinion, is the 25 worst hip hop artists of all time. Some of the names are farfetched such as Madonna and some are just plain out wrong such as Easy-E. Keep in mind, were talking about GQ here.

Here’s some excerpts from GQ:

# 23. Chingy
After Nelly brought St. Louis lingo to the masses, Chingy appeared in 2003 with a debut that made his STL roots obvious: “He’s Herre,” “Right Thurr,” and “Wurrs My Cash.” His commercial pizazz faded as his good-time topics (sex, money, having sex with girls who like his money) stayed the same, and he titled his fourth album Hate It or Love It, which turned out to be an easy choice. On the other hand, if you get a good laugh out of “That’s me, Ching-a-ling, equipped with much ding-a-ling,” you might object to his inclusion here.

20. Will Smith
At this point, he’d duet with Frank the Pug if he thought it would sell a few extra movie tickets.


11. Eazy-E
He had some malevolently funny lines (I’m Eazy E, and I got bitches galore / You might have a lot of bitches, but I got much more), but they were usually written by Ice Cube, who said it took “days” for Eazy to clumsily record his snaps. (“I can’t do this shit,” Eazy complained when asked to rhyme.) A small man—Cube called him ahalf-pint bitch, and Snoop referred to him as Tattoo—with a voice pitched midway between Geddy Lee and Fran Drescher, he was a one-dimensional gasbag with the rhythmic grace of a dot-matrix printer.

6. Puff Daddy
He’s hit a trifecta: mocked on The Daily Show, on South Park, and in The Onion. Daddy/Diddy has a terrific ear for shameless hooks, and he knows the hustle, which is why he has money hangin’ out the anus, to quote his most memorable lyric. But as a mumbly, indistinct rapper, he wouldn’t be signed to any label he didn’t own.

1. Insane Clown Posse
The KISS-style makeup these two self-anointed “wicked clowns” wear is a tip-off—they live to sell peripheral products, from DVDs to comic books to PPV wrestling cameos, to the tune of millions of dollars annually. Like most d-bags, they’re predictable: Ample use of the words fuck, psycho, and fuck attracts a devoted fan-clan, and their annual festival has also included, yep, Vanilla Ice.

For the full list visit

By Mark A. Macpherson