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The Dream provides some insight into the platinum selling album.

The Magna Carter Holy Grail sold 5 million digital copies its first day thanks to Jay Z’s lucrative deal with Samsung and is expected to reach # 1 in album sales by the end of the week (projected 350,000-400,000), but just how long did it take the Brooklyn native to create the album?


According to a recent interview by Revolt TV with producer & R&B sensation The-Dream (aka Terius Nash), most of it was done in two weeks. Although the concept of Holy Grail began back in 2011 during sessions with The-Dream & Beyonce, Terius states “”The body, the significant part of this album?… Two weeks of work. Easily.”

The-Dream continues to go on about the album and its inception along with how the HOV had planned to replicate a schedule that legendary nineties rapper Tupac Shakur used to complete his 9x Platinum album “All Eyez On Me”, which is said to have been completed in 1 month.

With the recent announcement by Rick Rubin that Kanye West reportedly completed the lyrics to his sixth studio album “Yeezus” in 2 hours, it almost appears as if the pair are battling for the throne.

Lets see how Magna Carta Holy Grail holds up at the end of the week sales.

-Mark A. Macpherson (@the541guy)