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‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ goes platinum; HOV sits down for a Q&A at Hot 97.

Congrats to Jay-Z for his #NewRules aiding Magna Carta Holy Grail going platinum!


Hot 97’s Angie Martinez had Jay-Z swing by the studio to answer a few questions regarding his relationship with President Obama, his daughter Blue Ivy, and his former business partner Dame Dash.

Angie went straight for one of Jay-Z’s most politically criticized bars on “Open Letter” quoting President Obama asking if he talked and/or texted Obama.

Jay-Z quickly and comically replied “Of course!,” before laughing saying “Nah, stoppp,” before pointing out how crazy that sounded.

Angie then questioned HOV, since friends with Obama, if he ever feels humbled by other famous people; he replied, of course. Jay after telling a story when Obama used a sport’s ‘fourth quarter’-saying, he quickly replied to being humbled by Oprah.

“Yeah…Oprah’s very cool,” Jay stated.

Then came the questions regarding his family life. Angie wondered how he felt about Beyonce’s HBO special, her appearance on MCHG and possibility of a joint album. Jay admitted to feeling a bit revealed (considering he tells his entire life in his music) and stated he’d feel “naked,’ if he revealed anything else. But, HOV gracefully said his studio time went well with his wife but declined the possibility of a joint project.

Watch The Throne 2 was verified by Jay-Z, who admitted it is happening but it hasn’t started yet.

Dame Dash’s Instagram barbershop photo obviously surfaced which Jay handled well considering the aftermath post-seperation. Jay says everything is good and he “only has love” for Dame and always will but he hasn’t linked with him in a long time.

“We made history together,” Jay stated on his past partnership with Dame. “[Dame] is a hustler,” Jay stated before reassuring he’d be fine financially.

Lastly, Blue Ivy was brought up in regards to her possible appearance on videos or tracks which were rightfully declined by HOV, but revealed she’d be traveling with him on tour (which are his current plans as of now).

– John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)