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Chance turns to social media to channel news about a new song.

Chicago’s latest phenom has caught the world by storm. His highly-acclaimed project Acid Rap has left fans and wary listeners wanting more. With plenty to look forward to, the young emcee plans to release more music in 2013 as he will emerge with LSD tomorrow. Chance sent out a tweet featuring the photo above saying “LSD Drops Tomorrow…” We have all been vigilantly waiting for Chance’s follow-up act to Acid Rap. Albeit a tough act to follow, Chance possesses enough lyrical potency and poise to not disappoint in any measure with his future projects.


Recently, it was revealed that Kanye West has listened to Chance’s Acid Rap and shows approval of his fellow Chicagoan’s effort. J. Cole has been one to show his admiration of Chance’s recent artistic output into the hip-hop world.

Stay tuned for more news on Chance The Rapper and keep an eye out tomorrow for the release of the his new track.

Virgilio Mendez