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Hov takes over the Pace Gallery in NYC for 6 hours

Jay-Z has been quite active in the eyes of the public lately ever since the release of his 12th album Magna Carta Holy Grail. From taking over Twitter on Monday to making appearances on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club & Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, Jay’s approach to marketing his latest release has definitely diverged from his usual M.O.


Today, Hov spent 6 hours at the Pace Gallery doing performance art and bits of “Picasso Baby.” His live performance will be included in the music video for the song. During his performance notable appearances were made by Wale, Judd Apatow, Jerry Saltz and more. The interaction with the crowd was well recieved and several people in attendance partook in the performance. Ranging from the elderly to the youth, Jay took time to involve those around him in his performance.

Check out some footage of the event below.