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One of the modern day mixtape kings looks to expand his empire with torrent conglomerate BitTorrent.

With a stout resume such as Curren$y’s, it is no surprise that Spitta looks to reinvent the digital rules alongside his Jet Life battery mates. The New Orleans rapper is known to deliver free project after free project, continuously feeding hungry fans. Presently, we are living in the realm where success is measured by the numbers on the bottom line as well as numbers in the digital sphere, which is where Curren$y thrives. This is where Curren$y will seek to assemble a new way to present mixtapes to the world.


Teaming up with BitTorrent, Curren$y and his Jet Life crew will release their new mixtape via a bundle that features HD video content, interactive tour promotional materials, a Jet Life Apparel catalog, and exclusive contest entry. Matt Mason of BitTorrent says, “This partnership presents an opportunity for us to advance our BitTorrent Bundle Alpha program and create a new transmedia tool for connecting with and rewarding fans. For BitTorrent, this is also an amazing opportunity to work with up-and-coming artists and help give them exposure to a mass audience in a unique way.”

The Jet Life brand is no stranger to collaborations, capitalizing on a superb marketing opportunity with Nike for the Jet Life SB Blazers. Diamond Supply Co. teamed up with the crew to release a Jet Life pack which faired well with the street wear market.

This collaboration with BitTorrent definitely sets the bar high for any rappers looking to make their mark in the mixtape game. BitTorrent drives major traffic for obvious reasons and a rapper with such clout in rap’s digital arena makes for a irrepressible duo. To top things off, the project will be available to stream on soundcloud. Austin Leigh, Jet Life’s Digital Marketing & Brand Strategist was quoted on the partnership saying, “When the discussion began with BitTorrent, it became apparent that that Bundle format could help us reinvent and grow 2.0 mixtape culture,” he said. “Jet Life has built a massive audience by embracing a D.I.Y., direct-to-fan mentality from the start. We’ve always put listeners first. BitTorrent allows us to reach these fans – as well as one of the largest audiences online.”

Stay tuned for more and look out for the Jet Life-BitTorrent Bundle which will be available on July 30th at Bundles.BitTorrent.com

Virgilio Mendez