shaqThe Source Magazine was on the red carpet for Columbia Pictures’ latest comedy “Grown Ups 2,” at AMC Lincoln Square in New York City on Wednesday evening.  The sequel directed by Dennis Dugan stars comedy greats Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, David Spade and Kevin James. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal also stars in the film and he is a scene stealer.

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Check out our interview with Shaq below:


What was the highlight of being in this film?

Shaq: Just being able to be out there with a star studded cast and get to know them. We talked about basketball stuff, we talked about movie stuff and it’s just like a dream come true.

What do you love about acting?

Shaq: Well I just get to do the silly stuff and get to be out there with Adam and those guys and it was fun.

We also spoke with the “Grown Ups 2” director Dennis Dugan on the red carpet. 

Why did you decide to create a sequel?

Dennis Dugan: Well, the first movie, people loved it and we felt that there were so many characters and so many good comic situations that there was enough material leftover for us to do a sequel.

And how have the characters evolved since the previous film?

Dennis Dugan: Well the kids have grown up and the guys have stayed immature.

What do you admire about Chris Rock?

Dennis Dugan: I like the fact that he is one of the best stand ups ever and still is a really good actor. And a great professional and a good friend and a wonderful human being.

You’ve been working with Adam Sandler for so long. When was the first time you met him?

Dennis Dugan: I tried to get him hired on a movie called “Brain Donors” and the producers wouldn’t hire him. And a few years later, he was doing “Happy Gilmore” and he remembered I had fought for him, so he hired me.

How did Shaq get involved?

Dennis Dugan: He walked in and said we were hiring him, so we said, “Yes sir!”  Shaq is a genuinely funny guy. He’s really funny in the movie. He’s not just a stunt cast- he’s a genuinely funny actor.

Other notables in attendance included Ashanti, June Ambrose, A. J. Calloway, Grizz Chapman, Monique Coleman, Nana Meriwether, and Eric West.

 “Grown Ups 2″ hits theaters this Friday, July 12.

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