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“I grew up in Harlem, New York,” says Loaded Lux as his episode of Fuse’s ‘Behind The Unsigned’ opens.

He continues on to talk about his neighborhood’s influence, his parents allowing him to be creative and flourish, his relationship with his son and of course, the infamous battle with Calicoe.


Fuse dug in and got his most impactful moment, which happens to be a quick meeting with Big L after a cypher where he received words of wisdom from the late Harlem native.

For those who may be sleeping, Loaded Lux’s been having a good year. Since the popular URL battle with Calicoe, Lux’s career took flight…again.

His infamous line “You gon’ get this work” became a new craze.

It was tweeted by Jay-Z and  more currently, the rapper made a featured appearance on Mac Miller’s track ” Red Dot Music” from his latest, Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

Major moves!