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3DNa'Tee3D Na’Tee vocalizes her feelings over the Zimmerman verdict.    

Mr. Zimmerman is the trending topic throughout the entire country. Artists all over are using their craft to express their personal sentiments over the recent verdict, and New Orleans femcee 3D Na’Tee is one of the latest to follow suit.

She released a video today for a track she’s dubbed “Dear Mr. Zimmerman,” addressing her feelings towards his acquittal head-on.


3D Na’Tee illustrates her frustration with the case and the system both lyrically and visually, stating that her conflict “[is] not a black and white thing, it’s a wrong and right thing.”

She closes out the video with a caption reading “RIP Trayvon Martin. You Deserve Justice.”

Hit the jump to take a look at the thought-provoking vid.