Experience an aquatic trip with West Coast newcomer Kidd Upstairs.

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Los Angeles-based Kidd Upstairs is hitting fans with a re-up after a warm reception to his self-produced single “Amanda Bynes”.

Although switching gears from outlandish white actresses to peaceful green creatures, Kidd’s new DJ Booth-premiered effort, “Turtles”, maintains a hypnotic vibe with the MC/producer behind the boards once again. A hazy sample gives the West Coast rapper’s bars ample room to float over the esoteric production accompanied by a land-to-sea visual by Farid Xan.

The video serves as a metaphor, likening a turtle in it’s shell to the drug-induced calm that Kidd Upstairs gets lost in when lighting up. That being said, those of you that take to disappearing in a cloud of that LOUD will especially appreciate the video.

Watch the video after the jump and download “Turtles” here.