nipsey arrest

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Nipsey Hussle found himself in police handcuffs Tuesday night at a  Trayvon Martin protest rally. The demonstration took place in Leimert Park, where on Monday, protesters, angered by the acquittal of George Zimmerman, became unruly and violent. While Monday saw fourteen demonstrators arrested, Tuesday night seemed to be a mostly peaceful affair.

According to TMZ, the police detained the Los Angeles rapper under suspicion of carrying a gun. However, once Nipsey was cuffed and questioned, the officers discovered that that their assertion was baseless and he was freed. It is still unclear whether Mr. Hussle was actually taking part in the demonstration or if he was an unlucky bystander. Nevertheless, sources within the L.A.P.D. have stated that he was doing something suspicious that caught their eyes, leading to his handcuffing.


The video above shows Nipsey standing on the street handcuffed, and then being surrounded by police officers. There was a surprising amount of cops at the scene, they covered the street and the camera lens.