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Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge God all being Born to Build or Destroy

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge God all being Born to Build or Destroy. When one has a wide range of useful facts(Knowledge) about the True and Living Supreme Being(God) , that Knowledge of God can never be Destroyed. He and Her who Know the Blackman is God use this Knowledge to add on positively to themselves and their Cipher and simultaneously Destroying all unrighteousness. There are people of all human families(races) that Know God and teach that he is the Original Man. Those who possess this Knowledge and use it to Build are the ones who Know the meaning of Civilization.


To Know better means to do better, but this country is still haunted by centuries old policies that still exist within the psyche of the people. 76 year old John Spooner is set to stand trial today in Milwaukee for the shooting death of 19 year old Darius Simmons who was unarmed just like Trayvon Martin. Even though it is likely that he will get convicted of the crime, his lightweight 300K bail was disrespectful for a murder charge, in which most defendants don’t receive bail at all. It’s assured that most are thinking, “Here we go again”. Four of the jurors in the George Zimmerman case have spoken out, saying that juror B37 does not speak for them. In a brief statement, jurors B51, B76, E6, and E40(no seriously) were very adamant about the book deal seeking juror not speaking for all of them on her exclusive CNN sitdown. The only ones who want to be associated with that type of bias are people like Rush Limbaugh, who couldn’t wait to get on air and say “nigga”, with an ‘A’ because Rachel Jeantel felt that it had no malicious meaning. By the way, congrats to her for receiving the full HBCU scholarship from Tom Joyner yesterday.

Knowledge God simply means to Know God and not be a savage in the pursuit of happiness. A savage is one who lost the Knowledge, so when you get it, make sure you keep it in mind and in heart. Peace to All!