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Artist release new Trayvon Martin tribute tracks, hear what some of hip hop’s leading figures have to say about this tragedy. 



As the nation continues to come to grips with George Zimmerman’s acquittal, in the Trayvon Martin case, various hip hop artist have released songs in tribute or detailing their disappointment in the justice system. Earlier this week, Young Jeezy released “It’s a Cold War,” which was an interesting take on a tribute. In the song, Jeezy chronicles how he has lost friends to street violence, through police brutality, or just through time. Trayvon’s name was dropped multiple times alongside the people who are normally called “thugs,” which helps to highlight just how senseless these acts of violence turn out to be.

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Last night, Talib Kweli, Nelly, and Abbey Dobson performed a tribute on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The performance was aided by fiery images, that recounted the horror  and embarrassment endured by African Americans/Black people in the United States for over three centuries. Both rappers did their thing and dropped knowledge on the use of music and explained how we could get to this point as a society. Yet, the night was stolen by Abbey, who belted her heart out, as the clip of the Zimmerman verdict announcement was played. It was a thought provoking and creative art piece, that you can check out down below.

This morning, Queen’s emcee Pharoahe Monch released the explosive track: “Stand Your Ground.” As the title suggests, he discusses the hypocrisy of the law that allowed George Zimmerman to walk away innocent after shooting the teen, and his frustration with the justice system. However, Monch begs listeners to unify and stand their ground, instead of instigating more violence. Its a timely message, one that shouldn’t be ignored.

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These are not the only tracks that deal with the Trayvon Martin case, artist continue to drop new tracks talking about this topic. We will continue to bring you the new tracks as they come out, stay tuned.

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