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5) Georgia

In Georgia, the belief is that “true men” stand their ground.


Shortly after Florida passed Stand Your Ground, Georgia followed suit, enacting the same legislation in 2006.

Despite having officially passed the law in the 21st century, Georgia has upheld the principles which Stand Your Ground is founded on since the 19th century.

The Peach state’s Supreme Court wrote in 1898:

There is no requirement that a victim of an attack first try  to escape before using deadly force to stop an aggressor. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled also in 1898 that “a true man does not fly in the face of an aggressor who seeks to do him grievous bodily harm.”

According to University of Georgia law professor Ron Carlson, the “true man rule” has evolved into stand your ground.

Despite the backlash as a result of the Zimmerman case, Governor Deal of Georgia maintains that there is no need to change the law that mirrors Florida’s.

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