Just Say No

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7)   Indiana

Indiana law allows the use of deadly force if a person reasonably believes it is necessary to prevent themselves or someone else from being seriously injured; to prevent a “forcible felony;” to counter an attack or unlawful entry in their home or to prevent a hijacking.


However, the use of force is not justified when the person is the initial aggressor.

Supporters of Trayvon Martin in Indiana have been very vocal about wanting to appeal the legislation in their home state. Stand Your Ground protesters gathered in Indianapolis yesterday to call on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate whether or not Trayvon’s civil rights were violated in this case. Reverend Michael Jones proclaimed that

We are standing in a dangerous place now, where we have stand-your-ground laws. In some states they are called make-my-day laws

He called on those present to start making changes.

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