kelly and tow guyKelly Rowland and friends set sail to watch whales Friday night in Provincetown, unaware that they wouldn’t be tugging themselves back ashore.

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Over the weekend, the Destiny’s Child star was enjoying time off with friends in Provincetown, MA, a town she believes is “The happiest place on earth,” according to a caption from her Instagram.  On Friday night, Kelly and her friends rented a private boat to do some whale watching. The captain of Kelly’s water craft was reportedly following a commercial whale watching vessel, when he lost sight of the boat and became disoriented in the midst of fog and six foot waves.

The US Coast Guard was able to locate Kelly’s private craft and began to escort her and her friends back to shore…then the boat broke down. A commercial towboat was dialed right away, and they were safely towed the rest of the four miles back to shore. Somewhere in the midst of the operation, the rescuer had time to post the picture below on the Towboat U.S. Provincetown Facebook page, along with the caption:


“Escorting a lost boat with Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child onboard. 33 miles North of Provincetown.”

kelly lost at sea

Kelly and her friends were reportedly fine; they were just a little shook up and tired upon their tumultuous return from an unexpected 12-hour stay at sea.

We’re happy to hear that they’re safe.