Amy Winehouse

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We Miss You, Amy!

Amy Winehouse was undoubtedly iconic.


Blending the borders of style, substance, and sound, Winehouse superseded genre frequently to crank out truly dope music. On the second anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s passing, we waxed nostalgic about Winehouse’s best hip-hop collabs. The British songbird’s bluesy sound pairs perfectly with even the grittiest rap lyrics, creating an eclectic, yet amazing crossover sound. Our five favorites are below.

by Ese Diane Olumhense

“Tears Dry On Their Own” (Organized Noise Dungeon Family Remix)

Released by Big Boi just after Winehouse’s death, OutKast’s production team remixed the Winehouse single, infusing the old-school sound with a funky, futuristic feel.