rs_560x415-130510170557-1024.Kayne_.ms_.051013_copyIt’s probably pretty safe to assume that we’re all aware that Kanye West has a bit of a temper and sometimes goes off on the deep end.

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For whatever reason it may be, the self-proclaimed best lyricist in the history of Hip-Hop is constantly in the news, whether it be for a new award (or lack of) or a new album. But it seems the cocky artist is appearing in the headlines more and more for what seems like adult tantrums ranging from paparazzi freak outs to just flat out rants. Case in point, The Source brings you the 9 best Kanye West freak outs.

By Mark A. Macpherson


9.) Kanye Radio Burst:

In our first video, Kanye West is talking calmly. He clearly becomes agitated and decides to blow off some steam in this Canadian Urban Music radio station.