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Lil Mama joins the TLC line-up, as Left Eye

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Fresh from filming CrazySexyCool, the much-anticipated VH1 TLC biopic, Lil Mama has quickly stepped into yet another role, as the L in TLC.

At a press conference today, the legendary pair announced that exclusively for this weekend at Hersey Park, PA’s Mixtape Festival, the “Lip Gloss” rapper will be performing with Chilli and T-Boz as Left Eye. This comes on the same day as VH1 dropped the trailer for CrazySexyCool, the upcoming flick that stars Lil Mama as Left-Eye. The casting is seemingly a perfect fit, as Lil Mama is almost a perfect double for the late rapper, and her portrayal is almost eerily exact.


Look out for CrazySexyCool this October.