Shaky is back with another banger

For those following The Incomparable Shakespeare’s movement this summer, you have witnessed first hand that this MC has a striking deliverance and an uncanny way with words. This week’s addition is no exception as Shaky brings us another installment off his freestyle series, #InvincibleDream. “Emcees Murdered Your World” is the product of Black Moon’s “Murder MCs” and Nas’ “The World Is Yours” remix and is quite the playground for Shaky to effortlessly drop some bombs.


“I crushed the world, crush your girl. Make a film then become a porn publisher. No skull on my chest but I punisher, take a sec and Marvel at what I’ve done with words.” Sheesh.

You can check out the song in it’s entirety below and check out Shaky’s video for “Tried By 12 Brooklyn Kids” here.

By Any Means Necessary coming soon.

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