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Name: Wasalu Muhammad Jaco aka Lupe Fiasco

Foundation: The Lupe Fiasco Foundation


There is no question that of the passion Lupe has for his people, it’s evident throughout his music. On the scene since 2006, Lupe has looked back plenty of times in efforts of uplifting his community. The Chi-town bred rapper believes in philanthropy heavy as he founded a non-profit whose mission is to provide comprehensive youth development programming that embodies educational advancement, service learning/leadership, global capacity building and music education.

Known for his controversial rants at times, Lupe’s heart is in the right place, which is saving Chicago’s youth. And it shows, after tearing up on Sway’s Rapfix after seeing an old video of peers that are no longer around. Lupe goes above and beyond to prove he is here to make a difference aside from his rap career. Years ago, he jointed Kenna, Jessica Biel, and others climbing mountain Kilimanjaro for philanthropy purposes in the fight for water in places where there is a serious shortage.

In a time where the murder rate in Chicago has surpassed modern day war’s body count, who else is going to step up and be a voice for the people. Lupe states, “This is a contribution to positive youth development, resiliency and hope for Chicago youth. We are honored to give back to communities where greatness dwells. We subscribe to the proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” We are obligated to nature the genius of youth who live in the same communities from whence I came. We strive to be relevant provider of quality programs that inspire youth to reach their highest potential as world influencers, artists, and scholars.”

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-Danny McLean (@kingdanny__)