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Establishment offers quality food at affordable prices along with a socially responsible commitment to the community focusing on employment, obesity, education, voter and women’s rights, immigration reform, gun and gang violence prevention.

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By Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher @HHSYC

On Wednesday, July 25, 2013 in East Harlem the long awaited dream of the grand opening of Super Fi Emporium (SFI) finally became a reality.  This upscale establishment is more than just a supermarket.  Not only are they committed to bringing affordable quality food, products and services to the neighborhood, but also their commitment to the social needs of the community is what sets them apart from the competition.


SuperFipic1Anthony Reynoso and Cristhian Codorniu are the General Managers and architects behind the creation of this new exciting venture.  The Reynoso family has been in the supermarket business for over 25 years.  After graduating from college Anthony had thoughts of returning to the supermarket business.  He discussed his vision with Cristhian and they decided to join forces and open an upscale supermarket that would be the talk of the town and take the industry by storm.  When you walk into the establishment the environment and ambiance make you feel like you are in a midtown Manhattan supermarket.

The event and ribbon cutting was organized by Celeste Santana, and both were a huge success with about 300 guests and community residents in attendance.  After the press conference everyone went outside to officially cut the ribbon ushering in a new era for the Super Fi brand.  The DJ played hot music throughout the event and gift bags were given to all the guests.  Plenty of food was prepared by super Chef Cardona for all to taste and enjoy.  There was also a Facepainter for the kids.  Charles Fisher, CEO of P.O.G Marketing & Media, moderated the press conference.  Speakers included Roberto Castillo, Sales Manager for La Mega 97.9 FM and Amor 93.1 FM; Zachary Smith, COO of the NYC Economic Development Corporation; Celebrity Chef Ricardo Cardona; Jackie Rowe-Adams, President, Harlem Mothers SAVE; along with many vendors that will be stocking the shelves of the supermarket.

Through their “Fidelity Card Program” SFI offers an array of perks, discounts, prizes and free social programs to the community via their partnership with the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council.  Making money is important but at SFI they are just as concerned about issues that affect the quality of life in and around the neighborhood.  Addressing employment, obesity, immigration reform, education, voter and women’s rights, and gun and gang violence prevention is a priority and is what sets SFI apart from the rest.

The future for SFI looks extremely bright and through their unselfish support for the community, their innovative Fidelity Card Program and patronage from loyal customers this Supermarket will be an overwhelming success.  Supermarkets all over look out, here comes Super Fi Emporium doing what no other establishment will dare to do, and that is going the extra mile to serve and empower the community.

“We are excited to bring the first Super Fi Emporium supermarket to East Harlem.  Opening a supermarket is a special event.  Supermarkets are an essential element of any neighborhood.  It is our honor to have such an intimate relationship with our customers,” stated Cristhian Codorniu, Super Fi Emporium.

“Take comfort in knowing you do not have to be the smartest person in a room to have your dreams come true.  You just need to be able to work hard, use common sense and be honest.  No one likes to do business with a dishonest person,” stated Anthony Reynoso, Super Fi Emporium.

“The challenge for us was to create a great shopping experience at affordable prices without compromising the brand and after a lot of hard work and brainstorming I’m sure we accomplished our goal,” stated Ney Pimentel, CEO, The Brand Anarchy Group.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to be a part of this venture and use my cooking talents and resources to make this supermarket a success.  I love what I do…there is no greater pleasure than making other people happy,” ended Celebrity Chef Ricardo Cardona.

“I’m here today to support this new supermarket and will do all I can to use the resources at our station to help grow the business and serve the social needs of the surrounding community,” ended Roberto Castillo, Sales Manager, La Mega 97.9 FM and Amor 93.1 FM.

“I’m excited about the launch of this initiative and their commitment to help reduce gun violence in our communities.  I look forward to working with the group to improve public safety in Harlem,” stated Jackie Rowe-Adams, President, Harlem Mothers Save.

“Super Fi Emporium will bring much-needed fresh grocery options to East Harlem, while also creating jobs and helping stimulate the local economy,” said NYCEDC COO Zachary Smith.  “This supermarket is the latest project to receive support from the FRESH program, which brings healthy food options to underserved areas across all five boroughs.”

Randy Fisher, Executive Director of the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council stated “At the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council we are committed to creating and coordinating a host of programs that will address the needs of the community and the customers that shop at SFI such as literacy, jobs, immigration reform, voter and women’s rights, gun and gang violence prevention and a host of other issues that affect the growth and development of our youth and young adults.  We will be working with the Source Magazine, DR. JAYS, the Fishers of Men restaurant, the Daymond John Academy and the Department of Youth and Community Development to make this happen.”




L to R: Roberto Castillo, Jackie Rowe-Adams, Charles Fisher, Randy Fisher,     Chef Cardona, Anthony Reynoso, Cristhian Codorniu, Zachary Smith.




PreRibbonCutGroup shot before cutting—Mr. Reynoso holds the scissors and family members stand by.  Event speakers from L to R: Roberto Castillo, Jackie Rowe-Adams, Charles Fisher, Randy Fisher, Chef Cardona, Anthony Reynoso, Cristhian Codorniu, Zachary Smith (at far end).




PostRibbonCutGroup shot after cutting—Mr. Reynoso holds the scissors and family members stand by.  Event speakers from L to R: Roberto Castillo, Jackie Rowe-Adams, Charles Fisher, Randy Fisher, Chef Cardona, Anthony Reynoso, Cristhian Codorniu, Zachary Smith (at far end).





The mission of our establishment goes beyond providing high quality food, a clean environment, great services and low prices to our customers.  Our quest is to build a successful business that revolves around developing positive relationships and synergies with the local community.  In a competitive market you have to show consumers you respect their “hard earned dollars” and we’ll go that extra mile to earn their support and respect.

To accomplish our mission we will introduce a new “dare to be different” way of thinking to the supermarket industry and the consumers we will serve through innovative initiatives that offer: discounts on goods and services; prizes and incentives; and socially responsible projects that address healthy eating habits, obesity, employment, immigration reform, women’s and voting rights, education, gun and gang violence prevention.  By offering these opportunities we hope to earn the trust, loyalty and devotion of our customers because the Super Fi Emporium experience is about serving their shopping and social needs as well as the communities they reside.  This truly is a “Win-Win” proposition for all parties.  Anthony Reynoso and Cristhian Codorniu are the General Managers of the supermarket.


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The HHSYC was founded in July 2001 by Charles Fisher (also known as the former manager of LL Cool J, the Lost Boyz and co-discoverer of R. Kelly).  The organization was created to help implement commitments made by record companies, artists, community leaders and elected officials at the historic 2001 Hip-Hop Summit in New York City.  Participants are taught how to constructively use their time, talent and the Hip-Hop culture to improve social, political and economic conditions in their school, home and community.  Randy Fisher is the organization’s Executive Director.  For additional information visit