family-bbq15 songs to add to your “NOT WHILE RENTS ARE AROUND” playlist

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Sometimes rappers go and do outrageous things like buy cars they probably don’t need. But we don’t demand them to apologize for those purchases because this is America. And in America, you don’t apologize unless you’re a celebrity and someone demands it first. We may demand an apology or an explanation at least for a rapper’s lyrics, whether there is a normative answer or not. What is for sure is that if you play any of the following songs with these lyrics at your next family function, you’re bound to apologize till you forget what, “I’m sorry,” even means anymore. Alas, herein lies another disparity between the everyday man and the celebrity level rappers, aside from the riches and tax issues. So to rub this unspoken privilege in your face even more like MTV’s Cribs, here are 15 Lyrics You Shouldn’t Play At Your Next Family BBQ.

Jimi (@Nativejimi) & Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)