Lil B – “Suck My D*ck Hoe”

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lil b

“Hoes on my d*ck, cause I’m white like Asher Roth…”


So you’re sitting down at your family reunion, probably enjoying some delicious BBQ chicken and greens, and you think: “Wow, everyone seems to be really bored listening to Grandpa’s old war stories for the fortieth time. You know what would break from this terrible monotony-some Lil B.” While His Basedness is always good for some laughs, I don’t think Grandma would enjoy a track entitled “Suck My D*ck Hoe,” unless your grandmother is a white girl, who is in college, and she actually knows who Asher Roth is. If that’s the case, you have one weird interesting family, but I’m not here to judge you or your family tree. My job is to warn you that once Lil B spits “Hoes on my d*ck, cause I’m white like Asher Roth,” GramGram (which I assume you call her) will probably be highly upset. And when did B get a vitiligo?